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Shenzhen will establish the semiconductor use alliance


Southern daily dispatch (reporter/DuXiao days of reporter/Yang lei ZhangMingYong) domestic electronic components industry annual event - - consists of qiang electronics nets sponsored by "2011 China electronic components industry innovation development annual meeting will be held on January 13, held in shenzhen TingYuan hotel st. This meeting scale will overtake scale, expected number of participants 500 people, including shenzhen electronic enterprise, qiang north electronics distribution enterprises, various electronic market and delegates and electronic distribution industry related government departments and industry associations with gather together on the current electronic components industry development is facing opportunities and challenges are discussed.
Organizers will also be invited industry veteran experts bring annual development hotspots and needs analysis, to help each enterprise in crisis times seek new profit growth point. Each big bibcock enterprise will take "transformation, innovation, win-win" as the theme, make dialogue and share information resources, promoting industry mutually beneficial cooperation.
As a professional market and domestic radiation entity merchant most electronic components electronic trading platforms, qiang electronics industry conference held the net by the nation each big electronic enterprise wide concern. Then, in order to strengthen the electronic products trade contacts between enterprises, promote the parties electronic information industry upgrading and established the "China semiconductor use alliance" will hold the establishment ceremony, for profession all parties to provide good communication platform and improve the shenzhen and even the whole country electronic industry continued prosperity.